Managing Google AdWords

Google AdWords is nei - best product advertising in google. He positioned paid advertising in search results on the first positions in most cases the right of the result but very often over the outcomes.

Google AdWords Advantages
- Receive advertising №1 search engine - Google world
- Reaches the greatest audience in comparison with small engines
- Google AdWords are visible to 85% of Internet users
- Direct your adv to the Metropolitan customer who is willing to buy it
- Pay only for customer clicked on your adv
- Targeting customers in areas

What we offer
- Create a profile and sound management of your campaign.
- Keyword Analysis and Ad Group Management. Using the right keywords in distinct groups of networked perfect strategy.
- Accounting and consulting - detailed reports via email . ROI Tracking Reports. Custom Reports.
- Correcting keywords to different time.
- Overall management of the campaign is done by us