SEO analysis or checkup of the site - why do we need?

To prepare an effective strategy for your SEO optimization , it is necessary first to review in detail your website and establish its pros and cons at the time. After reviewing ism resources code header and subsidiary pages, we can direct you to the weaknesses in the structure and codes in your site and to correct them efficiently. Many important meta name in the address bar after clicking on a button in misspellings - get incorrect positioning on the web. We have many SEO tools and specialized software, to be most accurate in the audit.

Internal SEO optimization or 'ON PAGE SEO'

Internal SEO optimization is a thorough study of each code into your site and recreating it in the right way. The truth is that many sites are not designed properly. The lack of a key word in 'H' tagovet is sitemap and prohibitions robot.txt file, convert your site into static and hard to find page. Misconfigured settings to generate 'name in address' (link subpages showing in the browsing panel) and the lack of meta description - away from your site first position and search.
After the first step 'SEO analysis' on your site you need to make internal SEO optimization and then continue to External seo optimization and link building.

Outside SEO optimization (OFF PAGE)

External SEO Optimization is a process in which build back links to your site from sites with high PR (page rank to google), and sites with a similar theme. Here we develop a comprehensive strategy to promote your site through techniques such as CPC (cost per click), banner campaigns, paid advertisements on Google, text boxes, 'pop up' ads, flash animations, applications for social networking, Landing pages.

Estimation what Google page rank?

Google page rank is a valuation of Google for your site . The more keywords related to your business and your site contains more feedback there is to it - google will enhance the assessment of your site and thus will rise in the standings.
The theory is that the most important websites have pages with more links leading to them . PageRank links determined by votes from the poll. The more links - so praised.
The point is that if another site like your site and put a link leading to it, then you trusted and you recommended.
Therefore, before starting paid advertising on the internet may be needed to make a serious link building sites with high PageRank.