Terms and Conditions

This document is the general conditions or terms of use of ESEBG.COM, which points rules for the use.

"Expo Service Entertainment 2018" is a company with a registered office in Sofia, Filip Kutev 4A str, Bulgaria
You can contact the "Expo Service Entertainment 2018" at the above address or email address: info@esebg.com

Seller - "Expo Service Entertainment 2018"
Website – ESEBG.COM domain and its subdomains
Client – any physical or legal person or other legal entity that uses the site of "Expo Service Entertainment 2018" in any way, not only for browsing it but for buying or returning goods as well.
Order – an electronic document representing communication between Seller and Buyer, the buyer alleges that by the Seller, via the Site, his intention to purchase goods and services from the Site.
Goods and Services - each subject of the contract of sale of the site.
Contract - represents the contract made from distance between the Buyer and the Seller purchase of goods and/or Services from the website these are all integral part of these terms and conditions of use.

• all information on the site, which is accessible via an internet connection and use of a device that has an Internet connection;
• the content of every message or communication between the buyer and the seller sent through any electronic device or by all other available means of communication;
• any information provided by any means by an employee/associate of the Seller to the Buyer by electronic or other means for its transmission distance;
• information relating to the Goods and/or Services and/or charges applied by the Seller in a given period of time;
• information concerning the client and related to the Goods and/or Services and/or charges applicable of third parties with whom the Seller has signed some form of partnership agreements;
• information about the Seller or other data relating to him.

General conditions of "Expo Service Entertainment 2018" are mandatory for all users of the site.
Any use of this website means that you you've carefully read the general conditions of use, and agree to follow them unconditionally.
General conditions can be changed only by "Expo Service Entertainment 2018" at any time by updating them. These changes take effect immediately and are mandatory for all users/customers.
"Expo Service Entertainment 2018" has the right to make changes to the terms and conditions at any time in its sole discretion or if they are imposed by an effective legislation. They may have a retroactive effect on the already delivered and confirmed orders.
In each case of change of general conditions "Expo Service Entertainment 2018" will inform the customers by publishing the changes on the Site. In this regard you as a customer have an obligation to make reference to any changes in the terms and conditions of the Website every time you use it.
If any provision of these Terms of Use is invalid or unenforceable, regardless of the reason for this, it does not entail the invalidity or enforceability of the remaining rules.

Prices of goods and services advertised on the site ESEBG.COM are final and include VAT and all other taxes, under current legislation.
Price, method of payment and the period for payment in issuing invoices are listed in each Order.
The customer is obliged to provide all necessary information for the invoice in accordance with applicable law.
Seller will issue the Customer an invoice for ordered and delivered goods / services on the basis of information provided by the Client.
"Expo Service Entertainment 2018" nvoice for each payment under Order by the Client has bought goods and/or services offered on the Website of "Expo Service Entertainment 2018". The customer agrees to receive the invoice through to the e-mail given by the Client.
The proper drawing up of the invoice for the order, the customer is required to review the information referred to in the Order, to ensure that they are complete, accurate and precise.

"Expo Service Entertainment 2018" understands the importance of confidentiality of your personal data. On each transaction we provide data security for all users, and ensure that your personal data are protected and will NOT be provided to third parties.
Data and personal information provided by users / customers are not kept in the database of "Expo Service Entertainment 2018".

We will refund the unused part of your subscription or in failure to fulfill contract for the supply of service and/or product if you make an inquiry e-mail: info@esebg.com
Under the applied laws in your jurisdiction, you can apply for a refund within a short period of time after the beginning of your subscription or failure to fulfill the contract. Recovery will be calculated on a "proportional" from the date of your application for cancellation. When payment is made by credit card refunds will be made with a chargeback for the same credit card within 14 working days.